In order for Heath's Haven to continue operating in 2017, we urgently need your help!

We have taken on some very challenging rescues this past year (financially and medically) and our general medical fund is completely depleted. We are struggling to keep up with our monthly operating expenses like food, physical therapy/acupuncture/hydrotherapy, medications, medical exams, spays/neuters, etc. This doesn't include major diagnostics or surgeries. We don't typically find ourselves in this situation, but when we rescue the special needs animals that we do...the expenses can be well beyond what was originally estimated or expected. This is why Heath's Haven Rescue is usually their last chance, at a second chance. We don't discriminate based on the amount of time, resources, or expenses an animal may potentially bring to the rescue. We commit 100% to their care, no matter what.

These animals, and this rescue, are our passion... and who we are. Special needs animals deserve an opportunity at a long, happy, healthy life just like any other animal. What they don't deserve is being abandoned and discarded at a shelter and placed at the top of the euthanasia list.

Will you please help us, so we can continue to help them?! Your contribution is tax deductible and no donation is too small! Donate today and help even more by sharing this fundraiser for all of the future animals that need our help in 2017!

Thank you in advance from all of us here at Heath's Haven Rescue!

Heath’s Haven Rescue & Sanctuary is a special needs rescue for dogs with neurological issues, spinal injuries, paralysis, and mobility issues. We rescue dogs from euthanasia in shelters, have them evaluated by a specialists, that provide necessary diagnostics (MRI, Spinal Taps, X-Rays, etc.), start them on a rehabilitation schedule of hydrotherapy, acupuncture, and physical therapy, then provide them with wheelchairs. Based on the severity of the dogs impairment, we then adopt them out. Most of the dogs that have neurological issues and spinal injuries are incontinent, and they need extra care to prevent urine scalding on the skin, and special care for their hind legs to prevent sores due to dragging. Even though these dogs have a rough start, they live happy, healthy, productive lives.

Heath's Haven is also on Facebook at This is where we communicate with our supporters, give updates on the dogs, and share all the “happenings” with the rescue. Our adoptable dogs can be found on this website by clicking on the ADOPT tab and on by searching Heath’s Haven.

A great big thanks to Alicia Marie Photography and The Puryears for their talent, time and dedication to Heath's Haven. Here you can see how the dogs at Heaths Haven love getting into their wheel chairs and zooming around. We were excited when they asked us to make a video that focuses on the dogs just being playful pups despite all that they've been through. Thank you Heath's Haven for all that you do, you truly have hearts of gold!

A special thank you to Capital Cities for allowing us to use the song "Safe And Sound."