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Hannah is a playful, 1 year old mixed breed dog from Iran. She came to Heath's Haven Rescue paralyzed in the hind end due to a spinal injury when she was just 4-5 months old. As well as being paralyzed, her hind legs were permanently contracted tightly underneath her and required medically necessary amputation of both hind legs...don't tell her though! She has no idea she is different from any other dog!

Hannah loves to scoot around outside on soft surfaces like grass and snow. When she wants to go go a walk she enjoys being in her wheelchair and it will go with her to her forever home! Hannah gets along with dogs of all sizes and breeds and loves to wrestle and play! She does well around cats and children as well! 

Due to her spinal injury Hannah is incontinent, which means she does not have any control over her bladder and bowels and she can not be house trained.  She will need her bladder expressed 3 times per day, but don't worry it's really easy to learn and she doesn't mind holding still at all! 

Hannah is current on vaccines/flea & tick preventative/dewormer, spayed, microchipped, and crate trained.