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Cashay is approximately 7 years old and weighs 10 pounds. She loves being around people and enjoys being the center of attention! She does great with other dogs or she could do without... she has no preference. If you are looking for a dog with that perfect balance between "Netflix and chill" and an adventure dog, Cashay is your girl! She is an active girl that enjoys (and needs) exercise to keep her muscles strong and her figure slim, but napping is one of her favorite hobbies! Talking is not one of her strong suits (she's not a yapper), but she will alert you to noises/people outside of the home. She won't be able to greet you with tail wags when you get home, as her tail is broken, but I promise she will greet you with a smile and happy, dancing feet!

Cashay is special needs, as she had a spinal injury 6 months ago. She regained the use of her hind end, but she remains incontinent. She is not able to be house trained or go potty on her own, so she will need a dedicated guardian that will express her bladder three times per day. She is also on two medications twice a day that help make the expressing process successful for her and her guardian. These medications run about $75 per month and are a permanent necessity, meaning she will need them forever.

Cashay is great with other dogs and cats, but no small children please as she has a history of a spinal injury. She is spayed, current on vaccines/deworming/flea & tick preventative, fecal parasite negative, and crate trained.

** Heath's Haven will adopt out of state as long as a home visit and transport can be arranged.


Leo & walter

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Walter and Leo are 4 year old Maltese mixes that originally came to Heath’s Haven in 2016 from Iran when they were just 9 months old. Shortly after their arrival they were adopted, but sadly were returned in May of 2019 by no fault of their own, as circumstances within their household changed and they were no longer being cared for appropriately.

Walter and Leo have a neurological condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. This condition affects their balance, coordination, and depth perception, and causes them to bounce and wiggle when they get around. Walter and Leo are house trained and they eat, sleep, play, and cuddle just like any other dog.

These boys are full of energy and love to be around their humans while relaxing in the house (they love dog beds!), doing chores, or helping out in the yard! They are curious, affectionate, and adventurous! Walter is more confident and outgoing while Leo can be a little insecure meeting new people and other furry friends. They seem to bond more quickly with women and are cautious (not aggressive) with meeting men. They do well with other dogs after proper introductions, but we do not know how they are with cats. Due to their condition and issues with depth perception, a home without small children would be best. Quick and loud movements can be a little scary for these little ones as they have a hard time gauging distance. Also, a home without stairs would be best, but a couple stairs with a baby gate blocking them would be acceptable as they can go up one or two stairs at a time. Any more than that could cause harm if they fall DOWN the stairs.

Walter and Leo do not need physical therapy or wheelchairs, and they are not on any medications although we are trying out CBD oil to see if it can lessen the wiggles and bounces! They will require regular grooming so their potential adopter should expect to have this additional expense every 8-10 weeks. They are neutered, current on vaccines/flea & tick preventative/deworming, microchipped, and crate trained.

**Heath’s Haven will adopt out of state as long as a home visit and transport can be arranged.



Lola is a sweet little girl we rescued from a shelter in New Mexico in February. She was diagnosed with “Bilateral Carpal Instability” in both front legs. Her carpal ligaments were tightly contracted and causing her to walk on the top of her toes rather than her pads. We immediately took her to The Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital to see the Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Specialists. Not only were her carpal ligaments tightly contracted, but her left elbow was fused in place and not able to bend. To prevent damage to her wrists she had surgery to place plates and pins in her legs to fuse her wrists (Arthrodesis) to keep them stable and in a permanent position. She went through an extensive rehab program with the Rehabilitation Specialist at WSU and her progress was slow but her mobility improved greatly.

Lola is still under our care and doing rehab here at Heath’s Haven until she is cleared by her specialists to go to her forever home, but we are accepting applications in hopes to have her forever family all line up when she’s ready. Lola is an amazing girl that enjoys the outdoors, but is also content with being inside on the couch with her humans. She is not a high energy girl and she would be a great fit for a single senior or couple looking for a loving companion! She will need regular grooming every 8-10 weeks so her potential adopter should expect this expense when considering adoption.

Lola is spayed, current on vaccines/deworming/flea & tick prevenative, fecal parasite negative, and crate trained. As we learn more about her future requirements we will update her profile.

**Heath’s Haven will adopt out of state as long as a home visit and transport can be arranged.