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Cashay is a 7 year-old Chihuahua that came to Heath's Haven in November 2018. She was unable to walk and incontinent (not able to control her bladder or bowels) due to an injury to her spinal cord. We immediately took her to the Neurology Department at the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital for an MRI, X-rays, Spinal Tap, Blood work, Urinalysis, etc. She was diagnosed with Hematomyelia (a hemorrhage of spinal fluid in or around her spinal cord) and surgery was not necessary. Within days of being admitted to the hospital and starting her rehabilitation program, she started to walk again!

Cashay has regained full use of her hind legs and can walk, run, and play just like any other dog. She loves to cuddle on your lap and is one of the most mellow and loving Chihuahuas you will ever meet! She is current on vaccines, microchipped, and spayed. Cashay does well with other dogs and is curious about cats and other small animals. She makes friends with everyone she meets and because of her size and medical history...no small children please.

This sweet little girl is still incontinent and will not regain the ability to control her bladder and bowels on her own. She can not be house trained. Due to her incontinence, Cashay will need a family that is willing to learn how to express her bladder and be able to do it three times a day. Don't worry...it's super easy to learn how and she doesn't mind at all. She does not leak urine in between expressions and can roam about the house freely. Cashay is on two medications that help her retain her bladder and sphincter tone (to prevent urinary leaking) and she will need to be on these medications for the remainder of her life. She can eliminate her bowels on her own, and this usually happens when she is sleeping or when you express her bladder...which is quite convenient!



Kiki (on hold)


Kiki is a 4 year old Bull Terrier mix that arrived at Heath’s Haven from a shelter in California when she was just 4 months old. She was diagnosed with bilateral Salter-Harris Fractures in both elbows. Unfortunately, surgery was not an option as both fractures had already healed, but with some rest and recovery she was back on her feet in no time!

Kiki is an active dog with a lot of energy despite the past trauma to her elbows. She also loves being with her humans and taking up some space on the couch. This girl loves to cuddle and will follow you everywhere! She is eager to please her people, but can be a bit “bull-headed” and stubborn at times so she needs a home with consistent boundaries and rules to follow. Give her an inch and she will take a mile! Kiki can be a bossy girl so she would prefer to be the only dog in the home. She does great with children, but can be rambunctious so only older children would be best. No little dogs or cats please.

Kiki is spayed, current on vaccines, micro chipped, crate trained, and house trained.